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Let your horse graze as nature intended…

With the Porta-Grazer™ slow hay feeder!

Slow hay feeder

Simulate natural grazing with the Porta-Grazer™ slow hay feeder. Allow your horse to eat hay or feed at a naturally slower pace and in a natural position. Eliminate the use of high haynets and the subsequent health issues, and replace the usual feast and famine system of being fed twice a day and eating too quickly. The horses’ digestive system is designed to receive a constant supply of forage in a slow continuous manner, and an unnatural way of feeding can be the root cause of many health and behavioural problems in horses. 


Porta-Grazer slow hay feederPorta-Grazer™ is the ideal solution for horses on restricted diets due to Laminitis, EMS, recurring colic and post colic surgery, stomach ulcers, being overweight and more.

Porta-Grazer™ also helps you!

  • Save on hay wastage and expense
    (hay savings average at 25% per year)
  • Save on bedding expense
  • Save time
  • Save effort

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Nature’s Equine is the sole European supplier of the Porta-Grazer™. Imported directly from Porta-Grazer in the USA*. A tough UV proof, frost proof and horse proof slow hay feeder that will last, yet half the price of it’s nearest competitor!

*Note: Porta-Grazer $USD prices on the main Porta-Grazer website do not include tax, import duty or shipping.

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